City of Trail

View the 2012-2015 Collective Agreement: here

View the 2007-2012 Collective Agreement:  here

View Extended Health/Dental Benefits: here

View COT TALC 2012 Bargaining Survey: here

View COT Full-Time 2012 Bargaining Survey: here


Unit Chair:

Joe Matteucci

 Shop Stewards:

Andrew Chernoff (Chief Shop Steward, CUPE Local 2087)

John Harper

Kelly Taylor

Wayne McIntyre

Doug Hogg

Brent Iachetta

Sherri Hoyer

Safety Representatives:

Mark Stephens – City Hall

Jenn Daoust – Arena

Gabby Kravski – Aquatic Centre/Union Co-Chair

Annie Birukow – Public Works

Alternate Safety Representatives:

Mike Caputo – Public Works

Darrin Strobel – Public Works

Sandro Ballerin – Arena

vacant – Aquatic Centre





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