Quality Public Services- Action Now!

The Council of Global Unions’ Quality Public Services—Action Now! campaign unites public and private sector trade unions, municipal governments and civil society groups in advancing quality public services as the best means of building equitable, sustainable, peaceful and democratic societies. We believe investment in quality public services backed by fair taxation policies is a key solution to the economic crisis. Make a difference in your workplace, your community, your world – and join today.

  • Associate and cross-promote your campaign, or launch a new one. The flexible campaign design helps affiliates to work with their global unions and allies to enhance existing local public service-related campaigns, or to start new ones.
  • Specific campaigns are directed locally by affiliates and allies, while the global Quality Public Services–Action Now! campaign adds value by encouraging broad connections for action, advocacy and information-sharing from the grassroots to international levels.
  • Connect with new allies, build stronger coalitions, and increase your advocacy and lobbying leverage.
  • Share your issues across borders, private and public sector unions and broad social movements at the local, national and global levels.
  • Campaigns can be short-term or long-term initiatives.
  • Link your local struggle to global days of action.
  • Endorse and promote the Geneva Charter for Quality Public Services – vital principles that unions, governments and civil society allies can rally around.
  • Partner on research and connect with resources to support your local campaign.

Raise the profile and effectiveness of your campaign to new levels.

Contact communications@world-psi.org to join in today!

Download the campaign introduction kit

English – French – German – Spanish – Japanese – Swedish – Arabic – Russian


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