Municipalities Matter-CLC



We are now living in a time when over 80% of people in Canada and around the world live in cities. We are seeing changes in the economy, environment and population.

Canada is one of the only developed countries without a National Urban Strategy, nor a National Transportation Strategy nor any other way to deal with the ever changing nature of our communities. Last year’s infrastructure money that was part of “Canada’s Economic Action Plan” did not go far enough.

All our 3.2 million members, live in, and build our cities and communities. That is why we care!

We are weighing into this debate, by advocating for vibrant and sustainable communities across the country.

We believe the solutions are rooted in addressing five key areas:

  1. Public Infrastructure –  by creating jobs by building the communities we need in the future.
  2. Building a sustainable fiscal base for our cities and communities – Municipal Revenues.
  3. A “Made-In-Canada” purchasing policy – Procurement.
  4. Fair wages and working conditions.
  5. The municipal green agenda – Sustainability.

Get Active, Municipalities Matter!

  • Vote for a Mayor, City Councillor and School Trustee who support working family values.
    There are municipal elections happening in 2010, every vote counts!
    – Prince Edward Island election day November 1st, 2010
  • Get active right in your own community. Get training and volunteer for candidates who support you. Labour Councils across the country run training sessions to help you get active. Find out if there is sessions going on in your area. Contact your Labour Council or one of our CLC regional offices.
  • Join our pension campaignand lobby your Mayor and City Councillor to support our call for the expansion of Canada’s Public Pension programme because Canadian cities are at the front lines of poverty. Cities are the front line providers of social services and support programs.


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