Keep It Public!-CUPE BC

keep it public

The private sector does a lot of things well. What it doesn’t do well is finance and deliver public services.

There are consequences when we hand management of water and sewage systems, roads and bridges, and hospital services and recreation facilities over to private, for-profit companies.

We lose control over those resources, we sacrifice transparency and often wind up paying much more.

If you’re concerned about contracting out in your workplace, we can help you understand how privatization works and how to fight it.

You can also contact the Anti-Privatization Coordinator to help Keep it Public!

Here are some resources that can help you in your fight against privatization:

What is Privatization? 73.73 KB
Who is involved? 91.63 KB
Who does it hurt? 77.5 KB
Quality vs Savings 110.82 KB
Privatization Q and A 71.25 KB
The Privanator poster 1.23 MB
Key Services Poster 596.44 KB

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