This month in labour history

1-05-1983 Shirley Carr became the first woman President of the Canadian Labour Congress. A CUPE member, she was also the first President from a public sector union. [more]

1-05-1952 The 3-month long Dupuis Freres strike begins. It ends with a victory that transforms retail work in Quebec. [more]

3-05-1873 Canadian Labour Protective and Mutual Improvement Association, the first attempt at a national labour body, is founded. [more]

5-05-1931 The 2.5 month long strike by Toronto garment workers ends in failure. The strike splits the city’s large Jewish community. [more]

9-05-1992 26 miners die in the Westray Disaster. A public inquiry finds that workers were intimidated into ignoring safety hazards. [more]

14-05-1940 Death of Emma Goldman, the Lithuanian anarchist labour organiser, in Toronto. [more]

15-05-1919 Winnipeg General Strike. [more]

15-05-1946 The 6 week-long BC woodworkers strike starts, the first of the many major strikes after wartime bargaining restrictions were lifted. [more]

15-05-1872 Hamilton Ontario workers march through the city to demand shorter hours of work. [more]

20-05-1938 1200 members of the Relief Project Workers’ Union occupy government buildings in Vancouver. [more]

24-05-1919 The Drumheller Alberta miners strike begins as the miners leave UMWA and join the One Big Union. [more]

26-05-1919 In a show of solidarity with workers in Winnipeg thousands of workers in Calgary and Edmonton went on strike. [more]

29-05-2006 ATU members at the Toronto Transit Commission wildcat, bringing the city to standstill. [more]


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