Cupe 2087 Member Wayne McIntyre Celebrates 35 Years Of Service With City of Trail



TRAIL-The year 1979? Remember that year? That year:

  • The Pittsburgh Pirates were the World Series champs,
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers were the Super Bowl champions,
  • Seattle Supersonics were NBA champs,
  • And the Montreal Canadians added another Stanley Cup.

News included:

  • Ford’s Pinto automobile design allowed its fuel tank to be easily damaged in the event of a rear-end collision which sometimes resulted in deadly fires and explosions. It was first noticed by Ford in 1971 tests.
  • On March 28, 1979 Three Mile Island Unit 2 (TMI-2) nuclear power plant near Middletown, Pennsylvania, had a near melt-down. No one was reported killed or injured, but the accident changed many regulations for American nuclear reactors.
  • 52 Americans are taken hostage in Tehran, Iran for 444 days. Four days later, ABC’s Nighline premiered, centering on the crisis.

And on April 16, 1979 Wayne McIntyre, barely out of high school, worked his first day as an employee of the City of Trail.

35 years later, McIntyre continues to smile as he works counting the days to his eventual retirement which likely will happen upon reaching the magic number of 90 (years of service and age combined), leaving him, god willing, with many years to enjoy a well deserved pension and lots of time to fulfill his bucket list.

Until then, McIntyre, a past president of Cupe 2087 and labour college graduate,  will continue to oversee the City of Trail irrigation systems.


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