Lockout Over Between FortisBC and IBEW 213

Posted on 12/16/2013 2:37:00 PM by Anita Sthankiya

After 174 days the locked out between union electrical workers and Fortis BC has come to an end.

It took a third party person to reach the agreement but according to assistant business manager Rod Russell, they’re just happy to be going back to work.

"People will be returning to work the transition will be taking place over the next few days, the parties came to an agreement on moving to binding arbitration. We’ll move forward and mending of relationships can begin."

Joyce Wagenaar, communications with Fortis BC echo’s the same sentiment.

"We see this as a really positive step and it puts an intimidate end to the labour dispute and both parties can start to move forward."

The company invited the IBEW 213 workers to Binding Interest Arbitration on December 6.
The union provided a counter proposal, which led to discussions and a final agreement today.

“We are pleased that the union leadership has accepted our invitation,” said Michael Mulcahy, executive vice-president, human resources, customer service and corporate services. “This is a positive step. We’ll be welcoming our employees back in the coming days and now both parties can start to move forward.”

FortisBC employees will return to work beginning Friday, December 20, under the terms of the expired collective agreement.

The Binding Interest Arbitration process will begin at a later date, with the outcome resulting in a new collective agreement.


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