6 Ways Harper’s Budget Hurts Young Canadians

http://www.bcfederationist.com   April 3rd 2012

1. Good luck getting a job.

Its almost always difficult for young people to find job openings, with youth unemployment often hovering at twice the overall rate. Increasing the OAS and GIS age for to 67 leaves people in the workforce longer, taking away job openings.

2. Katimavik killed.

The Katimavik program has been an important skills building opportunity for young people since Trudeau was Prime Minister. With one stroke of the pen, Harper has stripped future generations of this important program.

3. Students stiffed.

Already crushed by high tuition fees and record student debt, Canada’s post-secondary students could be forgiven for expecting the budget might have something in the way of debt relief or new funds for skills and training. Not in Stephen Harper’s Canada.

4. Good luck getting a job, part 2.

What would a good Prime Minister do when youth unemployment under his government is at record levels? He’d probably increase funding for youth employment programs. Not Harper. He cut funding for youth employment centres.

5. Foundations fracked.

Lots of foundations are doing great work advancing the cause of the environment and sustainable development, and these places are where many young people first get active in political action. No wonder Harper’s cracking down on their charitable status. Will he do the same for the Fraser Institute and the Manning Centre?

6. Public service pummelled.

Unfortunately, when layoffs happen, young people are the first to go. The Harper budget eliminates nearly 20,000 civil service positions – costing people their livelihoods and closing the door to young people.


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