Pharmacists’ wage rollback rescinded in B.C.

“This is the first sign we’ve seen that HEABC has been given the green light to be at the bargaining table to negotiate,” Johnson said.


Vancouver (09 March 2012) – On Mar. 6, the Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) announced that it was rescinding the plan to roll back the temporary market adjustment for pharmacists.

Health Sciences Association of BC President Reid Johnson applauded the efforts of hospital pharmacists across the province who spoke out against the nine to 14 per cent wage rollback planned for April 1, 2012.

“The almost 1,200 letters sent through the website, along with the efforts of pharmacists who met with MLAs, local health authorities, and who told their stories in the media exerted the pressure we needed for HEABC to reverse its plan for the unilateral wage rollback,” Johnson said.

“This is the first sign we’ve seen that HEABC has been given the green light to be at the bargaining table to negotiate,” Johnson said.

When the wage rollback was announced, pharmacists warned that hospitals across B.C. have been suffering critical recruitment and retention problems in their pharmacy departments. In recognition of these difficulties, HEABC agreed in 2006 to a market wage adjustment to stem the flow of pharmacists away from B.C. hospitals. Even with the adjustment, most B.C. hospital pharmacies are still understaffed. Ongoing hospital vacancies remain unfilled for years. As a result, hospital pharmacists are overworked. Those who remain are still in the health system because of their dedication to patients and the passion for their profession.

The market adjustment will be maintained for pharmacists until a new collective agreement is in place.

“This is good news for pharmacists, and clears the way for productive discussion,” said Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association (Canada) (HSPBA) chief negotiator Jeanne Meyers.

Bargaining continues.


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