“Keep it Local, Keep it Public” event shows importance of keeping services public


March 9, 2012


PRINCE GEORGE—Over 100 Prince George residents came out to support public services by attending the “Keep it Local, Keep it Public” event Wednesday March, 7 at the College of New Caledonia.

CUPE 399 president Gary Campbell said this event was about educating the public on public private partnerships (P3s) and the real problems that come along with them.

“Everyone that came out tonight made it clear that P3s are not something we should explore in Prince George,” said Campbell. “As we go through this core review process it is important that we take a look at services we currently contract out. Often times when you bring services back into the public sector not only do you save money, but you get a better level of service”

CUPE 399 and 1048 joined together with the Stand Up for the North Committee, the Faculty Association of CNC, and the North Labour Law Corporation to host this well attended event. Bobby (Sarbjit) Deepak was the host for the evening.

The audience enjoyed a screening of the film “Water Makes Money” which explores the privatization of public services in Europe and the disastrous outcome. The film was followed by a panel discussion, featuring both CUPE staff members and Stand Up for the North Committee members, and a question and answer period.

“Once we head down the privatization road, there’s no turning back,” said CUPE 1048 president Janet Bigelow. “Municipalities are responsible for delivering services to their communities, while corporations are responsible for delivering profits to their shareholders. Municipal employees live in our community and are invested in delivering quality public services because they use these services. Private companies are just in it for profit.”

Click here to view the gallery.

Visit www.facebook.com/iheartpg2012 to help protect public services in Prince George.


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