Workers in Greater Victoria urged to take action in support of teachers

March 5, 2012   image

Vancouver – Today the BC Federation of Labour announced that workers in Greater Victoria and the Capital Region will be joining teachers in protest of Bill 22 throughout the day on Tuesday March 6, 2012.

“Union members, parents and community groups will join in the protest of the Liberal government’s confrontational Bill 22,” said B.C. Federation of Labour President, Jim Sinclair. “Unions worked together to secure our right to free collective bargaining, and we’ll work together to defend that right.”

Sinclair warned the BC Liberal government that Bill 22 wasn’t just an attack on the rights of teachers, but also on the right to free collective bargaining.

“Christy Clark has a choice, she can withdraw Bill 22, and join teachers, trustees, the employer and the public in support of real mediation; or she can continue her government’s heavy-handed approach to labour relations and cause continued chaos in our province,” said Sinclair.

“We work side by side with teachers every day. Bill 22 is an attack not just on teachers, but the entire education system,” said CUPE BC President, Barry O’Neill. “Our members will be joining the rally on Tuesday.”

BCTF President Susan Lambert welcomed the news. “Teachers are thankful for the support of working people throughout this province. They want this government to negotiate a fair deal.”

“The solution to this dispute won’t be found in the Legislature; real, independent mediation or arbitration is the answer, not the sham created by Bill 22,” added Sinclair.

Teachers and their supporters will gather at Centennial Square at 11:00 am before proceeding to the Legislature lawns for a noon rally.


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