‘Tight-fisted, hand to the grind-stone’ budget



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Last week Christy Clark surprised the province by firing former-CTV journalist Chris Olsen as her press secretary and hiring Sara MacIntyre, Stephen Harper’s former press secretary, to be the premier’s director of communications. MacIntyre doesn’t start her new position until March 6th, just missing the flurry of media requests sure to come after the passing of the provincial budget on Tuesday, which CTV has labelled“tight-fisted” after Finance Minister Kevin Falcon promised minimal spending increases in order to reach the goal of a balanced budget in 2013-14.

The Federal Conservatives have their own PR battles this week, with the hacker group Anonymous taking responsibility for the tweeting of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’ divorce affidavit. In a YouTube video posted Feb. 17, Anonymous promised to reveal more information about Toews private life if government did not kill Bill C-30, which would give police access to internet users private information without a warrant. Given that Toews himself didn’t knowthe extent of the power Bill C-30 would give to the police, opponents can feel some relief from Toews announcement the bill will now return to committee for further review.

Keep checking the Hook this week to watch your bobber on these issues and more!

Katie Hyslop


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