BC Budget No Reason For Optimism

By Andrew Chernoff

This week the BC Liberal government showed its intent in continuing the Campbell/Clark status quo of big business patronage and low corporate taxes.

The continuation of corporations and business leaders influencing the Liberal budget is evident in the government announcement that it is determined in selling 475 million dollars worth of government assets to the private sector.

The middle and low income classes continue to bear the brunt of big business and corporations not pulling their fair share and taking public money and public assets and scampering away in glee with this latest provincial budget.

BC taxpayers face fee increases and cuts to government services, programs and provincial Ministries to pay for Liberal economic mismanagement and Liberal government back room deals to the greedy one percent that continues to take and take from hard working BC workers and families with unchecked impunity.

For BC citizens who are facing increases in ICBC rates, Medical premiums, tuition fees, along with increases in consumer items such as food and gas, it is the worst possible budget, but welcome news for business, CEO’s and corporations.

BC workers and families that are currently behind have no reason for optimism with this budget, which takes more away from each man, woman and child, adding to the increase of child poverty, welfare, the homeless, unemployment, increased use of food banks; further eroding of public education,health services,public transportation, post secondary education; increased stress and anxiety on seniors, the young, mentally challenged, the disabled; further downloading of provincial responsibilities to regional and local governments including school districts.


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