Local 2087 Holds Annual Election of Officers For 2011-2012, Jean Poole Returned As President

At the Local 2087 October membership meeting on October 26, the Executive Officers from the previous year were returned for 2011-2012, except for the Secretary-Treasurer who is somebody new to the position for the coming year.

The Executive Officers for 2011-2012 are: President: Jean Poole, USW 9705; Vice President: Jeff Mason, Village of Fruitvale; Secretary-Tresurer: Val Rideout, City of Trail; Chief Shop Steward: Andrew Chernoff, City of Trail; Recording Secretary: Karen Halifax, Village of Fruitvale;Sergeant At Arms: Allana Ferro, Village of Warfield.

The trustees for Local 2087 are: Sheri Hoyer, City of Trail, 2011-2014; Mark Stephens, City of Trail, 2011-2013; and, Alisa Kennedy, City of Trail, 2011-2012.

The Sub-Local Vice Presidents are: Joe Matteucci, City of Trail; Allana Ferro, Village of Warfield; Karen Halifax, Village of Fruitvale; Darrell Unger, Transit Service Inc.; Jo-Lynee Bignell, USW 480.

The CUPE National Representative for Local 2087 is Kathy Hutton.


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