Social Media Guide to National Convention 2011


Vancouver, October 31 – November 4

Official Convention Twitter Hashtag: #CUPE2011


CUPE National Convention 2011 is mobilizing the power of social media to engage members, locals and staff across the country.

Participate in Convention anywhere, anytime!

In addition to delegates using social media directly from the conference venue in Vancouver, hundreds of additional individuals and groups will be participating in the convention remotely through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and

This guide provides a listing of social media tools for the conference including Twitter accounts and hashtags to follow (eg, @cupenat) for conference presentations, forums and topics.

Together, we are building a more connected union and labour movement!

If you are at the conference in Vancouver:

  • Please put your own cell phones, cameras and laptops to work – share your own insights and updates about convention workshops and presentations. Help connect the discussion to members and partners around the world.
  • Join us in the Internet Cafe located at the Convention Gallery and go online.
  • Watch as our tweets appear on screen through our live Twitter stream at the Social Media booth in the CUPE Gallery.

To our members and partners joining remotely through social media:

  • Download the Convention Agenda and Social Media Guide at
  • Listen to the convention live online at
  • Share your thoughts and comments about conference news articles, tweets, photos, videos and more.
  • Follow the Twitter accounts and hashtags (listed below) for Convention speakers, sectoral meetings, forums and other events.

Primary websites

CUPE National website

CUPE Facebook page

Follow CUPE tweets (see more information below)

View and share event videos

Ways to Participate

Social media offers many ways to participate. The list below gives a few suggestions about how you can participate and help spread the conversation to new audiences. 


Check-in on Foursquare at the “CUPE National Convention 2011” or the “Vancouver Convention Centre”. Be sure to let everyone you know on Twitter or Facebook that you arrived and use the #CUPE2011 hashtag. Join the CUPE page on Foursquare at:

Tweet photos taken at the Convention. Photos will be posted to the CUPE’s Convention 2011 photo album on Facebook at:

Sign-up for CUPE Today for our daily email news digest, and receive updates from our website postings. Subscribe at

Post your thoughts or comments to your own and your friends’ Facebook pages (the main CUPE Facebook fan page is located at

Use Facebook’s promotion tools, “Share” and “Like,” to help spread the news (these buttons are also available on all our website articles).

CUPE National Convention 2011 on Twitter

We encourage everyone to use conference and workshop hashtags to create online conversations during and after the conference. Tweets can be used to share information, comment on the topic, and ask and answer questions. 

Here are a few tips for convention tweeting:

  • Add the convention, workshop, or topic hashtag(s) to your tweets.
  • Use a Twitter client (like TweetDeck or HootSuite) to search for a hashtag. Often you can just click a hashtag to see its recent tweets.
  • You can also type into any web browser and enter the hashtag in the search field to locate and participate in the conversation.
  • Join the conversation using #CUPE2011 or workshop hashtags (or both). Presenters are being encouraged to monitor these hashtags and reach out with answers or opportunities to connect.
  • On Twitter, retweet the tweets you find interesting (people love to be retweeted).
  • Ask people you meet to follow you and ask your followers to “Pls RT” your tweets.

List of CUPE Twitter Accounts

Remember to follow the official convention hashtag #CUPE2011 to keep track of the discussion. Include #CUPE2011 in all of your tweets and re-tweets about the conference. To access a listing of all these accounts directly on Twitter visit @cupenat and follow the list for CUPE2011.

CUPE National Office

CUPE National

CUPE Media Relations

CUPE Divisions

Nova Scotia

New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island






British Columbia


Paul Moist, President, CUPE National

Barry O’Neill, President, CUPE BC

Nycole Turmel, Leader of the New Democratic Party

Stephen Lewis, Former Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations

Maude Barlow, National Chairperson, Council of Canadians


CETA Watch

Post-Secondary Education



Public Services

List of convention event hashtags


CUPE National Convention 2011

Sectoral meetings

Sunday, October 30, 10:00 am



Child Care

School Board

Water and Wastewater

Sunday, October 30, 1:00 pm


Electrical Utility

Social Services


Health Care


Sunday, October 30

Pension Forum at 4 pm

Monday, October 31

Election Forum at 5 pm

Youth Forum at 6 pm

Equality Forum at 8 pm

Wednesday, November 2

Global Justice Forum at 8 pm

Other events

Monday, October 31

Equity Caucus at 12 pm (noon)

Meeting of CUPE District Councils at 7 pm


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