CLC-One Minute Message Ad Contest


CLC One Minute Message Ad Contest

One Minute Message Ad Contest

We’re giving away some great prizes to whoever comes up with the best video ad about the basic unfairness that sees Canadians work until June to earn the money they need to pay their share of taxes, while corporations only “work” through January to pay their share – and working people are still expected to do with less (cuts to services, longer waits) or pay extra (higher fees for transit, tuition, licences).

Clever, creative, ironic or with a sense of humour… whatever it takes. The best ad will be one that effectively shows why working Canadians should come together and demand a better deal.

How is the best ad selected, you ask?

Easy: We’re going to let you pick the winner.

Once all of the entries are in, an expert panel of judges will select five that they find to be the best of the bunch. Then we’ll hand the decision over to everyone to pick the winner by simply liking their favourites on YouTube, Facebook and the contest web site (we’ll add the likes and the votes together). The ad with the most likes/votes at 16h00 EST (local time in Ottawa).

So, what are you waiting for?

Now is the time to get cracking. What’s your idea? Who will shoot it? Who will star in it? How will you edit it? The more you consider your entry, the better your shot at making the best ad ever.

Check out the guidelines, get advice from some experts and check out some of the entries to other video contests such as the TUC 60-second ad contest or many of the other contest you can find on YouTube.


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