Unofficial List of Candidates Running In Local Municipal Elections In Trail Area Released

According to the following is known regarding the list of candidates running in municipal elections in Rossland, Warfield, Trail, Montrose, Fruitvale and Salmo.

In Rossland, Greg Granstom was the only candidate for mayor while the list for the six councillor positions included: Andrew Bennett, Jody Blomme, Bob Chamut, Laurie Charlton, Cary Fisher, David Klein, Kathy Moore, Jill Spearn, Tim Thatcher, Kathy Wallace and Sharon Wieder.

In Warfield, Bert Crockett was the only candidate for mayor. There were only four people coming forward for the four councillor positions: Donna Baggio, John Crozier, Thomas Milne, Jim Nelson.

In Trail, Dieter Bogs went uncontested while ten people will be running for the six councillor positions. The list includes, Fred Romano, Rick Georgetti, Ray Furlotte, Gord DeRosa, Robert Cacchioni, John Carter, Bryan DeFerro, Kevin Jolly, Eleanor Gattafoni Robinson, Sean Mackinlay.

Montrose will have an election for the position of mayor with Joe Danchuk, Griff Welsh and Ronald Pylypuik all vying for the position. Only four came forward for the four councillor positions and included: Mary Gay, Don Duclos, Cindy Cook and Donald Berriault.

Fruitvale will also have an election for mayor with Gary Moisson and  Patricia-Lynn Cecchini contesting the position. The councillor positions are set with Lawrence Gray, Bert Kniss, Jill Prince, and Tabatha Webber.

The Village of Salmo will not be having an election for mayor or the councillor positions. Ann Henderson is returned as mayor. The councillors are: Merle Hanson; Janine Haughton, Jennifer Peel, and Bob Vliet.


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