The cat is out of the bag: Air Canada has no position about essential services

Oct 14, 2011 07:49 PM

Ottawa, October 14, 2011 –  CUPE and Air Canada appeared today at the Canadian Industrial Relations Board to consider the Minister of Labour’s referral to the board. The Minister asked the board to consider whether there are essential services that need to be kept in place to “prevent immediate and serious danger to the safety or health of the public” in the event of a strike.

At the hearing today Air Canada took no position on the question of essential services. They indicated only that they needed more time. Clearly, if the company has no position on the issue, the use of this tactic is simply smoke and mirrors to delay our legal right to strike.

CUPE argued that we would like to deal as quickly as possible with the issues in order to get back to the table and let the parties come to an agreement without interference from the government.

The board has offered mediation services to both parties. It continues to be our goal to come to an agreement that recognizes the sacrifices flight attendants have made over the last decade. 

The board will bring the parties together again next Thursday.

For more information:
Daniella Scarpelli (English inquiries)

Megan Reid (French inquiries)


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