NEW UNDER LINKS—> BCFed Union Activist New Media Online Bootcamp 2011

The New Media Bootcamp was put on in the summer of 2011 by the BCFed as an online course for union activists  to learn how to better use social media and other new media tools.

The Bootcamp covered:

  • How to grow your number of Twitter followers and Facebook fans
  • Best practices from interviews of union communicators and new media activists
  • Getting your union’s website or personal blog to the top of Google
  • How to advertise to union members using targeted advertising platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook ads
  • Making your content go viral on platforms like YouTube

The BCFed decided to provide  the bootcamp modules for:

  • Union activists looking to use Twitter, Facebook or YouTube effectively
  • Union communicators who have a new media presence but would like to expand it using best practices
  • Union leaders who would like to see what other unions are doing

The New Media Bootcamp was moderated by Jason Mann, Director of the B .C. Federation of Labour.


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