Georgetti strikes back at Fraser Institute, National Post

Posted: Friday, 30 September 2011

To the Editor
National Post

Is the National Post loading the dice in favour of the Fraser Institute in an exchange arising from their attacks on the labour movement (Who finances Fraser’s anti-union agenda)? Last week you carried an opinion piece from the Institute accusing unions of not being transparent about their finances. I responded with a brief letter to the editor, but on the very same day you publish it, you also publish a letter from the Fraser Institute rebutting me — which means that you showed them my letter in advance so they could get in the last word. Questionable journalism to say the least. Everybody knows that our money comes from our members and that we provide financial reports to them at union meetings and conventions. We also know that the Fraser Institute took in $10.8 million in 2010 and used that money to attack not only workers and the unions that represent them, but also public health care, education, and fair taxation. Just who in corporate boardrooms is paying for these attacks? We don’t know because the Fraser Institute refuses to come clean about its donors, even while issuing tax receipts for many of them to claim against their income taxes.

Ken Georgetti
Canadian Labour Congress

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