Have you seen CUPE’s Bargaining Benefits Kit?

Jun 6, 2011

Bargaining benefits? CUPE Research has the tools for you!

Want to find out why benefit costs are rising? Want to see how your benefit plan stacks up against industry norms? Puzzled by terms like “HSAs”, “ASOs”, “second opinion services”, or ”flexible benefits”?

CUPE Research has assembled a series of helpful fact sheets that explain all the mysteries of benefit plans, from a general overview of the latest trends, to tips for getting the best language in your contract. They’re all part of our Bargaining Benefits Kit!

At bargaining tables across the country, benefits are under attack. Employers are constantly developing shrewd ways to erode benefit plans, with full cooperation from insurance companies.

Find out how to push back and protect your benefits. Check out CUPE’s Bargaining Benefits Kit today!

We’ve got information on:

  • What to watch for at the table
  • Why drug costs are escalating
  • Negotiating cost savings
  • Health Spending Accounts (HSAs)
  • Collective agreement language
  • Flexible benefits (just say no!)
  • Second opinion services
  • And checklists to help you bargain better

We’ll help you fine tune the fine print on your benefit plan!

Check out CUPE’s Bargaining Benefits Kit


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