CUPE Flight Attendants reject tentative agreement with Air Canada

Aug 27, 2011 04:46 PM

CUPE Flight Attendants Reject Tentative Agreement with Air Canada

Air Canada Flight Attendants rejected a tentative agreement reached with Air Canada. After ten days of voting, 87.8 per cent of CUPE members of the union’s Air Canada Componentvoted against the tentative agreement.

“The results send a strong message to the company,” said Jeff Taylor, President of the Air Canada Component of CUPE. “As a Bargaining Committee, we have heard our members loud and clear. We negotiated the best deal we felt we could in the current political context. But it wasn’t enough and we will take that message back to the employer in the strongest possible way.”

Turnout in the vote was very high, with 78.6 per cent of the members casting their vote.

“We understand our members’ demand and desire for a better deal and for the respect they deserve. After a decade of concessions, the membership has clearly said it wants a fair deal, especially since the company is in a much better financial position,” said Taylor.

The union’s executive will meet with members over the coming days at local union meetings in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver and will proceed immediately to a strike vote which will take place between September 4 and September 13.

Taylor said the union will meet with the employer at the earliest opportunity to resume negotiations.

For more information:
Pierre Ducasse
CUPE Media Relations


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